Email Delivery With Backup (Smarthost)

SafeGuard ICT offers an email delivery with backup service to businesses who have their own on-site email server(s). Should your email system go offline due to maintenance or a fault, your emails will be stored on a cloud system rather than fail and return to the sender. The cloud system will detect when your own system is online again and deliver those stored emails on to you.

How It Works

The Smarthost simply sits between the sender and your system. Your system will be configured, by us, so that emails pass through the Smarthost before they reach your system. In the event your system goes offline, the Smarthost starts storing the emails. Using the internet, you can simply log onto the Smarthost, view and reply to any emails whilst your system is being repaired.

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Including installation, only £170 + VAT per year

  • Website hosting
  • Hosted exchange mailboxes
  • Virtual private servers
  • Dedicated private servers
  • Smarthost

  • Secure remote working
  • Microsoft system upgrades
  • Secure virtual business server
  • Consolidating infrastructure
  • Encrypted email appliance
  • Contingency planning
  • Off-site backups